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Build and retrofit your HVAC solution with a savings guarantee you can bank on. With Armstrong Fluid Technologies, establish the actual or planned performance of your existing chiller plant installation or design, respectively. From there, determine and agree upon the energy and cost savings you can expect when using Armstrong Design Envelope control systems. During the first year of operation, should your savings fall short of prediction, Armstrong will pay you three times the difference - up to $100,000(US)! No other HVAC partner gives you that confidence.

At Heat-Timer, our goal is to provide innovative, cost effective control solutions that enhance the comfort and efficiency of new and existing buildings. In doing so, we reduce the environmental impact of building heating systems worldwide- often within the imperfect framework of existing mechanical systems.

The diversity of Heat-Timer controls, as well as their extraordinary fine-tuning capability, means improved performance of virtually any building’s heating system- old or new, large or small, steam or hydronic.

Control panels can be designed based on a specific written specification, functional requirements or even from a verbal description of required operation. Each control panel will contain all necessary components for the proper operation and protection of equipment controlled by the panel. Every control panel is functionally tested and must pass a rigorous quality control check before leaving our facility. All circuits are run through a continuity and hot test. Each interface point is checked, labeled and matched to the engineering drawings for ease of installation in the field. Puroflux control panels ensure a greater reliability of the system operation. Each control panel is built to meet the unique needs of a specific application and satisfy the rigorous demands of that application.

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