Hydronic Accessories

Armstrong Flo-control valves are designed to prevent gravity circulation in a hydronic system when the circulating pump is not running. When the pump starts, the Flo-control valve opens automatically to permit circulation of water in the heating system. If gravity flow is required, for any reason (such as electric power failure), the valve may be opened manually. Armstrong Flo-control valves are an essential part of a hot water heating system when domestic water is heated from an indirect heater in the boiler. In summer, when no heat is required and the heating pump is not running, the Flo-control valve prevents gravity flow in the system. In addition to permitting year-round use of the indirect water heater, Armstrong Flocontrol valves, in conjunction with the room thermostat and circulating pump, help to regulate building temperatures when the heating system is in operation.



Armstrong circulating pumps are engineered for dependability and serviceability. They feature a convenient radially split body that can be left in-line while servicing. Armstrong circulators are designed for efficient, trouble-free use in residential and commercial hot water-heating recirculation systems. Armstrong circulators feature quiet operating, vibration-free motors that meet nema specifications. All Armstrong circulators (except the Astro series) feature armseal leak-proof construction.


has led the balancing and coil piping package industry for over 20 years. HCi's coil piping packages has revolutionized hydronic installations by using quality engineered combination valves to minimize the time and space required to install hydronic terminal units. In addition to the preassembled packages we offer manual and automatic balancing solutions, Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV), flexible hoses and our patented Filter Ball design incorporates an intergraded back flush feature. HCi components are 100% leak tested and bagged & tagged into a single package for easy installation.

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