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Swegon Products Now Available via Chesapeake Systems, LLC

Hanover, MD - Chesapeake Systems, LLC, your premier manufacturer’s representative for commercial and industrial heating, cooling, and plumbing announces Swegon as its newest partner for significant energy saving ventilation and indoor climate systems solutions.

For over 60 years, Swegon has developed products and systems for energizing indoor environments with optimal life cycle cost in focus. The Swegon approach is to continue developing innovative ventilation products with intelligence so that they can communicate and, hence, be combined into efficient indoor climate systems well adapted to various types of applications.

As an example, partnering with another Chesapeake Systems manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, Swegon has implemented a Gold System Application. This solution utilizes Mitsubishi Electric inverter-based condensing units and DX coils for cooling/dehumidification and reheats for Summer and Winter use. The competitive advantage of the Gold System is the use of market-leading energy recovery devices. The GOLD RX unit has 80% plus efficiency – 25% better than required by AHSRAE 90.1. Also, GOLD’s DOAS units advanced control algorithms can increase the annual energy recovery by more than 15% over conventional control algorithms. Another application Swegon offers is its VAV chilled beams. Using VAV chilled beams allows the reduction of primary airflow down to approx. 30% of design airflow. VAV chilled beam systems also provide up to 14% annual energy savings on the operation of the entire HVAC system when compared to constant volume chilled beam systems. Chesapeake Systems and its family of divisions supply a comprehensive line of products for a variety of commercial and industrial solutions from the best in class manufacturers we represent. We have a vast array of product offerings from the most respected names in HVAC, PVF/Plumbing, Hydronic Heating, and Service. We are always cultivating manufacturer relationships to make sure we have access to help you find a reliable, efficient and cost-saving solution. Swegon products are available through the Commercial Division of Chesapeake Systems, LLC. To learn more about their product solutions go to their website, www.swegon.com. You can also, call or email one of our sales representatives and see what we can do for you!


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