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Introducing the AT Atlas Modular Cooling Tower

Did you know that Evapco now offers modular cooling tower design that bridges the gap between factory assembled and field erected cooling towers? Evapco launched their AT Atlas earlier this year, and they have an assembled AT Atlas tower still assembled at their global headquarters in Taneytown, MD. This new technology takes the capacities associated with field erected designs, and provides all the options and lead associated with a factory assembled unit from Evapco.

Factory assembled lead times meet field erected capacities!

  • Up to 2,386 Nominal Tons per cell.

  • Up to 60% more cooling capacity per cell.*

  • Up to 40% less fan power per ton of cooling.*

  • Reduced overall piping and electrical connections compared to projects with traditional factory assembled cooling towers.

  • The AT Atlas arrives at site in 7 preassembled modules which are field joined in a fraction of the time required for a similar capacity field erected cooling tower.

  • Fan cylinder ships in sections for site assembly.

  • Motor, driveshaft and gear reducer ships already installed on the mechanical equipment support.

  • Fan assembly ships loose for field installation.

*compared to other factory assembled single-cell cooling towers †Mark owned by the Cooling Technology Institute

The AT Atlas is not Evapco’s lowest first cost product alternative, but it is often the best “total value” choice for very large projects when all installation and energy cost factors are considered – because it requires less cells and significantly less fan motor energy than factory assembled cooling towers. The comparison below shows the magnitude of the fan motor energy savings available for a data center application utilizing an AT Atlas compared to AT and AXS cooling towers.

As shown in the example above, the AT Atlas selection will offer as much as $176,000 per year in energy savings!

For the average life expectancy of 20 years, the total savings could be more than $3.0M!!!

Click Here to learn more about the AT Atlas Modular Cooling Tower!

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