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LEED Guidance to Reopening after COVID-19

USGBC Releases New LEED Guidance to Address Reopening Strategies for Buildings Shutdown due to COVID-19

“The U.S. Green Building Council has released four new Safety First Pilot Credits in response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The credits outline sustainable best practices that align with public health and industry guidelines related to cleaning and disinfecting, workplace re-occupancy, HVAC, and plumbing operations. The credits can be used by LEED projects that are certified or are undergoing certification.”

The four new Safety First Pilot Credits are:

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Space Re-enter Your Workspace

Building Water System Recommissioning Managing Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19

The Building Water System Recommissioning credit, which EVAPCO helped to develop, assists building teams in reducing the risk of exposure to degraded water quality due to COVID-19 building shutdowns. The reduction and changes in water usage across community water systems and facilities caused by government-ordered shutdowns has increased risks of waterborne illness due to water age, stagnation, dissipation of disinfectants, and other factors.

The two major steps for compliance with the credit requirements and to minimize occupant exposure to degraded water quality are:

Step 1: Address Water Quality from Community Water Supply

Community Water Systems (CWS) also experience reduction in water use due to idled parts of the distribution systems and require attention to address low disinfectant levels, water age, biofouling, nitrification, lead/copper leaching and increased disinfectant byproduct formations

Step 2: Address Water Quality Inside the Building

Building water systems (BWS) that have been closed for an extended period may become hazardous due to stagnant water. Pathogens and other contaminants can build up and be released when the building water system is fully operational.

EVAPCO Water Systems, with our Water Treatment Partner network and service technicians can assist with meeting the Step 2 requirements of this credit as it applies to evaporative cooling equipment and water treatment. EVAPCO can provide water quality evaluations, unit start-up and continuing water treatment of your evaporative heat rejection device during and after an extended shut-down.


  • Free equipment inspection and evaluation.

  • Water sample tests for make-up and recirculating water.

  • Legionella and bacteria testing of recirculating water.

  • Address degraded water quality in the evaporative cooling loop.

  • Water chemistry balance.

  • Repair or replacement of water treatment equipment, as necessary.

In addition, the USGBC will be discussing this credit at their Healthy Economy Forum, I will be presenting with a panel starting at 1:30 PM on August 5th, 2020


If you need additional assistance, please contact your Chesapeake Systems representative at info@chesapeakesystems.com

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